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When you need a blocked drains Plumber in Oakleigh, we’re here to help! We can do everything from general maintenance to emergency repairing or installing. Doyle Plumbing has been building strong relationships and providing stellar service for the past 25+ years.

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At Doyle Plumbing Group, we pride ourselves on our reputation for being the expert blocked drains in Oakleigh. For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing our customers with the best in professional drain clearing and repairs.

Our highly trained experts are ready to help you at every step of the way, from diagnosing your problem to helping you find the best solution for your needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we have the skills and expertise to get your drains up and running smoothly.

We’re fully trained and licensed to expertly drain your blocked drain pipe, no matter how difficult it may be. With the right tools built just for the job, our Oakleigh blocked drain plumbers will clear up any problem that may be holding you back from effectively running your business or home.

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Doyle Plumbing is the perfect solution for all of your plumbing needs. We are available 24/7 to provide fast, reliable and affordable services to our customers, from basic plumbing issues like clogs and leaks to full-scale remodelling and Renovation plumbing in Oakleigh.

Drainage Excavation

Drainage Excavation

Drains and pipelines are built to last, but they won’t last forever. Over time, they can become damaged…
Roof Plumbing

Roof Plumbing

Roofs are one of the crucial parts of your house. It keeps you dry, cool in summer, and warm in winter…
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Maintenance Plumbing

Is your sink overflowing, and your toilet is clogged? Are your pipes making a weird noise…
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Common Causes of Blocked Drain in Oakleigh

Blocked Toilets Oakleigh

Blocked toilets occur because of hair and other debris that builds up inside the trap and overflow pipe. Poor flushing habits or clogs caused by toilet paper or baby wipes are the main cause of blockage. 

If you’re struggling with your blocked toilets in Oakleigh, contact us today! Our team of experts has been working in the industry for years and will solve any problem you might have.


Blocked Kitchen Sink Oakleigh

The main cause of blocked kitchen sinks are soap scum and other debris that accumulates over time. If your sink has been left unfilled for too long, or if you use a dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly, this can cause a blockage.

We use the latest technology and equipment to tackle the toughest clogs and can handle any plumbing issue you may have, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need help!

Blocked Baths and Shower

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow-moving drain. Usually caused by a pileup of soap, toothpaste, hair or soap over time, blocked showers and baths are very common in households. 

If you’re having trouble with your drains and are looking for a solution, contact our blocked bath and shower specialist Oakleigh today. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about all types of drains and their causes.

Blocked Baths and Shower
Blocked Sewer and Sewerage System

Blocked Sewer and Sewerage System

Blocked Sewer and sewerage systems can be caused by several factors, including tree roots, animal waste, and debris. It’s important to keep your sewer drains clear of these items so they don’t build up and cause problems for you later down the road. 

If you see any of these signs in your drain pipe, call Oakleigh Doyle Plumbing Group. We’ll provide the best service at competitive rates and do the job right the first time.

Looking for Emergency Blocked Drain Cleaning in Oakleigh

If your toilet is overflowing or if your sink has backed up, don’t put off calling a plumber Oakleigh. The longer you wait to call a plumber, the more likely your drains will clog.

We are experts at unblocking drains and pipes, so if you’re looking for emergency blocked drain cleaning in Oakleigh, we can help! Whether you’re having trouble with your sink or toilet overflowing onto the floor, our team will arrive at your home in a few hours and have it fixed up in no time. 

We’re committed to providing excellent service and high-quality workmanship at every stage of the process for both residential and commercial drain cleaning. And we are always available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you might have about our services.


Hire the Expert Blocked Drain Plumbers in Oakleigh

When you’re faced with a blocked drain, the last thing you want to do is waste time and money. You need to get your drain fixed as soon as possible, and that means calling the experts. 

That’s why we’re here! Our Oakleigh experts are ready to help you unblock your drains as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to your life. Don’t let blocked drains hold you back; call Doyle Plumbing Group today!

frequently asked questions

Blocked drains are when the water doesn’t go through the pipes as it should. Or, sometimes, it does go through, but not as fast as it usually does.
If you suspect that your drains are blocked, call us immediately! We will schedule an appointment for the same day so we can inspect your plumbing system and safely unclog your blocked stormwater drains. You don’t want to wait until something gets worse before contacting us!
You can tell if your drain needs repair by observing how well it drains water from your house or apartment. A blocked sewer drain may cause the water level in your toilet bowl to rise above normal levels and overflow onto the floor; this is often accompanied by musty smells, such as sewage or rotten eggs. If this happens, you need to call a plumber immediately for a professional blocked drain service!
It depends on several factors, including how far up the pipe it is located and how much work needs to be done. We recommend calling us to get an accurate estimate before we get started!
You can try unclogging your drain using a plunger or snake; just be careful to avoid injuries. If you can’t remove the blockage with these methods, call Doyle Plumbing Group at 0499 499 678 to schedule an appointment with a professional plumber.

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