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Doyle Plumbing Group was founded by Jake Doyle. Since its founding, Doyle Plumbing Group has built an impressive client base and reputation for quality work.
Jake Doyle has used his expertise and knowledge to ensure that Doyle Group provides only top-quality services to its clients. His motto ”Once trusted Never regretted” is well understood by the industry experts.
Jake’s experience and understanding of the domestic & commercial plumbing industry is second to none. He works very closely with his staff, and has a natural ability to connect with people in any setting.
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Serving You is What We Do Best

Plumbing is a service that everyone needs, but no one wants to think about until they have to. Doyle Plumbing Solutions offers preventative and repair services in the maintenance arena allowing you to focus on your business instead of your plumbing.
Drainage Excavation

Drainage Excavation

Drains and pipelines are built to last, but they won’t last forever. Over time, they can become damaged…
Roof Plumbing

Roof Plumbing

Roofs are one of the crucial parts of your house. It keeps you dry, cool in summer, and warm in winter…
Maintenance Plumbing

Maintenance Plumbing

Is your sink overflowing, and your toilet is clogged? Are your pipes making a weird noise…

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52 Cook St Flinders VIC 3929

54 Nelson St Shoreham VIC 3916

Tullamarine Pavilion

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Our Professionalism and Experience Make all the Difference.

If you’re tired of dealing with plumbing companies that may not show up on time, don’t treat your home with respect, or do subpar work, it’s time to try Doyle Plumbing Group. Our friendly, talented plumbers will go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with our service. Why are we the best choice for plumbing services?
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing


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Best Quality Service

Best Quality Service


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Whether it’s an emergency or a minor issue, our plumbers are trained thoroughly in all areas and divisions of plumbing. We are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best. Contact us today!
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About Us

Doyle Plumbing Group: Most Trusted Plumbing Melbourne Company

We take pride in being a one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs and delivering 100% customer satisfaction through our services. To ensure that you get only the best service from us, we only use high-quality parts, fixtures, and equipment from trusted brands. Our expert plumbers can help you fit new installations, repairs, or replacements. With our trustworthy plumbers on-site, we promise you’ll never be left with a leaky pipe again!

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